Hai! Hi! Merhaba! Salut!

Hi, My name is Asma Hanifah Ahmad. You can simply call me Asma, Esma, Hani, or Hanifah. Just don’t call me Ahmad cs it’s my father’s name. And it’s only for boys.

I’m 19 years old. Graduated from high school in the age of 16, got accepted to Istanbul University as an awardee student of Turkiye Burslari a week before my 17th birthday, leaving Indonesia at the age of 17 and so I currently live in Istanbul (European side), Turkey. 

I’m studying Journalism (Gazetecilik) and I’m in my 2nd year (4th semester). 

I speak Bahaso Palembang and Bahasa Indonesia as my mother language, English as my second language, Turkish as the third and learning French as the fourth language (Salut!). I use to Speak Arabic (fushah) in high school but since I moved to Turkey, I don’t do enough practice and now it’s all gone. Everything I learned for 9 years (since 4th grade, I guess) are all gone. But I still remember about this mubtada’ wal khabar, anna’t wal man’uut, etc.. I could understand a little bit tho.

I like to read, write, cook, sleep, eat, sing, play, take pictures, go shop, cuddle a baby, cuddle a cat, watch movies, cry dramatically, talk (I talk fast), clean up, study (heck, yeah B-)), and also like to open presents. Even if it’s not mine. (What?)

I’m an active member of PPI Istanbul (Indonesian Student Association in Istanbul) for 2 years as a member of Academic Departement. I joined some organizing committee of some events held in Istanbul. I’m a broadcaster of Radio PPI Turki (radio.ppiturki.org) and also sorta reporter for Konstantinesia magazine. But, I feel that I lose some of my spirits after summer so I don’t really doing good on this broadcasting and reporting news thing. I need a mood booster (not in a boyfriend shape).

I like history. If you visit Turkey and come to Istanbul, I’ll be so glad to take you to historical places around Istanbul and tell you the histories. I don’t know much but I like story-telling. So, yeah.

Okay, think it’s enough. If you have something to ask, you can say (actually ‘type’) it on the comment section below each post. But you can also send me an email to ashanifahmad@gmail.com or if you an Ask.fm user, you can ask me to @ahanifah. Follow me on Tumblr, ashanifah.tumblr.com for my daily random thoughts.

Thank you.
Tesekkur ederim.

11 thoughts on “Hai! Hi! Merhaba! Salut!

  1. assalamu’alaikum.. ka saya baru lulus dan ijazah belum turun namun saya sangat ingin mendapatkan beasiswa di turkey pertanyaan saya adalah :
    1. saya sudah buat akun nya namun pendaftaran telah tutup, apakah akan secara otomatis masuk ke penerimaan tahun depan?
    2. transkrip nilai nya berisikan nilai apa saja ka?
    mohon balasannya ka. syukron 🙂


    1. wa’alaikumsalam warohmatullah.
      1. saya ngga tau pasti soal itu, tp sebenernya kalau melihat sistem tahun ini, buat akun belum berarti udah daftar kalau ngga submit aplikasi apa apa. jd tahun depan kalau kamu mau daftar lagi, dicek aja akunnya kamu msh bisa dipake atau ngga
      2. isi nilai nilai kamu disekolah dari semester 1-5



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